Bonnie Troupe Take The High Road

This 'wee' blog has some delicious quotations to ponder. A theatre troupe go WWOOFing en route to performing at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014 and learn about WWOOFing, hospitality and Scottish cuisine!!!

"Every afternoon and evening, the company would gather together to eat at her and Eddie's beautiful warm home and I can safely say that none of us had a single meal short of incredible. I had a wonderful time helping Donna, Margaret, and Donna's WWOOFer, Louis, in the kitchen several times and it was really interesting to learn more about the WWOOF.

According to Donna, “Wwoofing" is all about learning and teaching sustainability
and skills pertaining to organic growing. Mostly, she says, she learns from her WWOOFers. She began hiring WWOOFers when Eddie was working in the South of England for 2 years and everything in her backyard "went to crap." (Her words, not mine!) Her dear friend Amy at the company's new favorite Glenelg coffee shop, The Wagon, has had WWOOFers for a long time and Donna figured she would give it a shot! She told me that all of her WWOOFers have been young people who have a degree of sorts and a passion for traveling (you can be a WWOOFer anywhere in the world) and that they all have been very pleasant and kind people. WWOOFers are so hungry to get picked up by a host family that Donna says she receives three applications every day. Those are mostly folks from Europe (especially Spain, France, and Italy), but she has received one from as far as America. WWOOFing is particularly appealing in areas where the poor economy is affecting young people who say they have nothing back home for them as far as careers go.

I asked Louis what his favorite thing about WWOOFing was and he said that he loves being immersed in the culture of each place he visits as well as learning about farming."

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