Community Farm Seeks Professional Grower.

Gibside Community Farm Growers seek a professional grower who can produce a plan for Gibside Community Farm. The following is a description of what they are looking for:

The farm comprises a group of 20 people who are working together on 1 acre walled garden and 9.87 acres (3.99Ha) field in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear on National Trust property called Gibside.

Now in our third growing season and wishing to make the transition to being a Community Supported Agriculture scheme. We consider ourselves competent gardeners but lack field scale expertise. We cultivate using organic and sustainable agriculture techniques.

We are looking for a grower who can produce a plan with the following components:-

  • To estimate the capital requirements, including machinery, buildings and structures, machinery and tools, with the prescribed cultivation system at both sites.
  • The production of a time line with specific milestones to make this progression for at least 3/5 years.
  • The proposed planting and range of fruit and vegetables given the specifics of the location and site infrastructure.
  • To indicate the potential scale and viability of the CSA, including staffing. We are interested in the options for factoring in work shares.


We wish to be part of the production and therefore see working with the Consultant as a key part of getting the plan fit for this particular location and organisation. It is envisaged that the Grower will make a final presentation.

We are looking for expressions of interest to undertake this work, a likely timescale, a plan of work and CV. We would like you to indicate when you can start and the date when you could produce and present a report to the group by.

We will be using the plan with funders for capital and revenue. At present we would prefer to submit an application to funders by January 2016.

We already have in place a legal structure Gibside Community Farm is registered Co-operative CIC. We have heads of terms for the Walled garden and Field from National Trust.

We consider ourselves a competent group with a range of skills and experience beyond the gardening, horticulture and farming expertise.

We are more than happy to supply further information please send your expression of interest to

If you wish to talk, please ring: 07764221425

We hope to make a decision within a week of the closing date from the written submissions, but reserve the right to telephone people for further information if we feel the need to. So please make sure you attach contact details.

Closing date:  29th August 2015