Deliverers of Treasures: from WWOOF Belgium

"We are 'Deliverers of Treasures' each of us possesses treasures to be discovered and shared" The wording on these packets of seed that our colleagues at WWOOF Belgium have produced in the spirit of giving and making a difference.

In the words of Jesus Flores of WWOOF Belgium: "Peasant seeds travelling from one hand to another, from one vegetable plot to another, from one country to another. Seeds exchanged in Belguim that can ring life everywhere........ Travelling with seeds in your bag to share with a host or WWOOFer, a gardener, parents, friends or simply to sprinkle in your own garden."

The sharing and swapping of seeds has become a matter of personal freedom in these days of global corporations, GMO's, patents and intellectual Property Rights. Local food systems and biodiversity is under threat in many parts of our world and so this initiative from WWOOF Belgium can be seen as a really positive way of raising awareness of such issues whilst at the same time complimenting our humanity (instead of simply highlighting our shortcomings)

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