The Ecological Land Co-operative Share Offer 2017.

The Ecological Land Co-operative (ELC) was set up to address the lack of affordable sites for ecological land-based livelihoods in England. 

According to the ELC there is an enormous disconnect between the combined cost of land and rural housing, and the income that is usually derived from sustainable rural livelihoods.

The Ecological Land Co-operative invites the public to invest in future-proof smallholdings. A new share offer was launched on 3rd April to fund the development of more small-scale, ecological farms. You can find out more about the Ecological Land Co-operativie community share offer here.

Sustainable rural livelihoods – such as small-scale ecological food production – protect the environment and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by reducing fossil fuel use. Such businesses help build a vibrant, living countryside in which people flourish alongside our cherished landscapes and natural biodiversity, and have an important role to play in ensuring food and energy security. They also provide employment, access to local food and crafts, and educational opportunities for urban visitors, helping to maintain rural skills and to improve ecological literacy. The ELC's mission is to increase access to land for such livelihoods.

The Ecological Land Co-operative have made a short film [5 min 24 sec] in which you get to meet the ELC staff and the smallholders at their first project site, Greenham Reach, in Devon. The film explains the plight of the small-scale farmer in the UK and how ELC are helping people get back to the land. Click here to watch the film.

The Ecological Land Co-Operative website: