A Family Go WWOOFing.

Laurence and Adele Jarrett-Kerr are a married couple who, along with their two young children, have recently been WWOOFing as a family.

We are particularly priviledged to have the luxury of not one, but two blogs recording thoughts and feelings from their encounters on a small farm in Cornwall. Both blogs are embellished with beautiful photographs, as you will discover.

Below are some extracts from the blogs with links to go to the actual bloggers' own webpage.

"Working holidays are not normal holidays. It’s not particularly relaxing but that wasn’t what we were looking for. There is not much time to sunbathe or read a book. But you will end up with a really different experience. You get to meet new people. You may even get a tan."

"I was absolutely in my element. I loved just wandering the field watching the sheep for signs of labour, looking at the views. I love the manual-get-your-hands-dirty work. I shifted loads of wood chip for the paths in the veg garden and strimmed a lot of dock leaves and brambles. I loved razzing around on the quad. I loved dreaming about the self-sufficient life."

"All in all, I’m really glad we did this. It was one of my 30 things to do before I turn 30 and has given me a bit more confidence to try to live more sustainably. In many ways, it’s one of the best holidays we’ve had together as a family, even if we were apart for much of the time. It’s given us a bit more to think about in terms of how we might travel and what we want to try in the future."

To go to Laurence's blog: http://www.chasingwilderness.com/

For Adele's blog: http://circusqueen.co.uk/2015/05/wwoofing-with-children-our-first-time/