Farm Hack Wales 2018 - 6th-7th October.

Farm Hack Wales 2018 is a joint venture between Social Farms & Gardens, the Farm Hack Network and the Landworkers' Alliance Wales.

Community Farm Hack is a skills gathering for us to network and share our knowledge about farming and technology. We are working towards a sustainable food system using the best ideas and most appropriate tools for the job.

The two main themes are CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture) and appropriate technology in the farming context.

The skill shares and workshops you will find here are:

  • Setting up a CSA
  • DIY open source on farm robot
  • Communicating with customers and building CSA memberships
  • Tool sharpening and reconditioning with tools for self reliance
  • Nursery Management for better horticulture
  • Low impact homesteading being off grid and super healthy
  • CSA for livestock farmers
  • Machinery and tools for small scale producers
  • Wood work tools, carpentry and round wood construction.


The event will be held at: Tyddyn Teg, Tyddyn Berth, Bethel, Caernarfon, Gwynned, Wales LL55 3PS

For more information about this event, including how to get a ticket, please click here.

If you are interested in CSA's then you may be able to get FREE tickets here.

Any questions and queries or to offer a workshop/ tool demo:

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