FoWO Special Project Host Grant 2016.

The Federation of WWOOF Organisations (FoWO) - £500 Grant for 2016.

The purpose of this scheme is to support WWOOF hosts with development projects. A grant is directly awarded to the WWOOF host that wins the program selection process.

What kind of projects are funded?

This program awards grants for special projects that help further the WWOOF movement, enhance the educational experience of visiting WWOOFers on host farms, and promote small-scale organic agriculture. The FoWO Host Grant Program encourages WWOOFer involvement in the execution and outcome of the funded project, and proposals from hosts who are in need and are committed to the goals of WWOOF.
Examples might include (but are not limited to) the creation of new habitats (wildflower meadows?), herb spirals, forest gardens or raised beds, tree planting projects, building compost toilets (or bins), water harvesting, creating or improving WWOOFer accommodations, and alternative pest control.
Proposals will be considered by a panel of judges where the following points are of particular interest:
1) will the project result in sustainable change to the host farm?
2) will the project involve WWOOFers?
3) will the project demonstrate good organic farming and growing principles to future WWOOFers?

Who can apply?

All hosts that have been a member of a WWOOF Organisation for at least the last 2 years and didn't win this grant for the last three years.

How it works?

1- The Host must present a project using this online form and submit it before the 12 noon UTC 15th Dec 2016.
2- An International panel will choose the winner by 15th Jan 2017.
3- The winner will receive half of the grant award to begin the project on 1st Feb 2017.
4- When the project is done (deadline 30th November 2017) the host will receive the remaining second half of the grant award.

Who is on the panel?

The panel will be composed by five International WWOOF Coordinators.

What can I include as a cost in the project?

You can include essential materials or tools you must buy to complete your project and any training you need. If you apply for funding to attend a training event – your project must include the implementation of what you learned.
You can’t include your working time but you can include the working time for a highly specialized job that you (or most of us) are not able to do i.e. you must hire somebody.

How can I prove that the project is done?

You must take photos of all the process (before, during and after) and provide receipts/orders for any equipment/services that are purchased. Somebody from the WWOOF Organisation may visit your place to see the developing and the results of the project.

To complete an application form for this grant and for further information, please click here.