The Green Flamingos [a short film]

The Green Flamingos, 21 min., 2013.

French WWOOFer, Maxime Faure's first ever WWOOF was on an organic farm in Florida, USA - he chose to make a film about it!

"Taking place in a country setting, The Green Flamingos follows the daily life of several young volunteers working in a farm in the southern USA. To the rhythm of the violin and the sounds of nature, this documentary - a sort of rustic and unique place - plunges us into a place apart, almost out of time. We are invited to this sensorial journey, which draws us to leave our reality to make room for our imagination. From times of solitude to moments of community, The Green Flamingos picks, little by little, like an impressionist painting, the moments of community living."

Watch the film here: