Groundspring Network

The Groundspring Network is a branch of the Landworkers' Alliance geared towards welcoming and supporting those of you thinking about starting-out on your own agricultural or craft based projects.

Groundspring Network is:

".... a collective of entrant farmers, growers, woodsmen, beekeepers, cheese makers, mushroom pickers, and more. We are a burgeoning community spread across the UK, finding a bigger voice and new energy in coming together. We come from many different ‘camps’; organic/ biodynamic/ permaculture/ forest gardening, some of us don’t subscribe to any particular camp, we are above all non-denominational. We are young and old in years. We work in both urban and rural landscapes. As individuals starting out in sustainable agriculture we are not isolated and alone, hopeless and surrounded by endless fields of industrial agriculture. We are already acting to build a resilient food system for our future. We are braced and booted and seek to be united."


Groundspring could be the perfect next step for WWOOFers who have gained plenty of hands-on experience and just need the confidence to branch out on their own venture.

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