The Incredible Downloadable LLOOF Guide.

Living & Learning On Organic Farms: Your Introduction To Learning As A Volunteer On An Organic Farm

The LLOOF: Your Introduction To Learning As A Volunteer On An Organic Farm is a free downloadable pdf. A must read for anyone wishing to learn practical and sustainable ways in which to grow food, and of course, anybody planning to go WWOOFing anywhere in the world.

Living and Learning On Organic Farms - better known as LLOOF - was officially launched in the Republic of Ireland on 23rd May 2016.

LLOOF is a partnership project with national WWOOF organisations from ten European countries. It has developed and is promoting a Learning Guide as an online open educational resource (OER) for adult learners about organic food production, entrepreneurship, volunteering and cultural exchange on farm enterprises. The adults, especially 18-34 year olds, can then relate this online learning to practical residential work experience and informal learning on a range of small enterprises in different European countries. A key aim of the LLOOF project is to encourage and support new young entrants to farming.

This free downloadable guide is for anyone who wants to learn more about growing food organically and living more sustainably; an extension to the hands-on practical experience of volunteering, supported by experienced host farmers.
It is mainly written for the 30,000 or so adults (mainly under 30 years old) who volunteer each year to live and learn on organic farms and smallholdings across Europe. Farm volunteering is practical learning in an informal situation, undertaken in a hands on way. It aims to complement the volunteer's practical residential work experience and informal one-to-one learning offered by host farms in different European countries. It is for these farm volunteers before, during or after their visit to a host organic farm or smallholding. They may want to learn about sustainable diets and lifestyles, more formally about organic food production, or as potential food producers or processors.
Here is an example of the contents:
  • Managing soils and composts
  • Growing vegetables, fruits, nuts and herbs
  • Managing grassland, including weeds and boundaries
  • Managing crops, including water, weeds, pests and diseases
  • Managing livestock, including sheep, goats, pigs, cattle, horses
  • Managing small livestock, including poultry and bees
  • Preserving and processing farm products
  • Using and maintaining hand tools
  • Building in earth, stone, wood and straw
  • Working with other people
  • Setting up a small farming or processing enterprise
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