'inDUSTrial agriculture' - The Movie

inDUSTrial agriculture

The name of a very smart and high quality short documentary film made by Cyrus Sutton. This documentary is about a growing movement of people who are fed up with an industrial agricultural system that is reliant upon fossil fuels and chemicals.


Follow this link to watch the film: https://youtu.be/NMkhX15UxfY


Cyrus has a campaign which you can support and follow on Kickstarter - it is called Island Earth - below is an update on the latest film:

"Because of the success of this Kickstarter and your support I've connected with some talented and generous new people who are helping me take this project to a level I would have never been able to achieve on my own. We have spent the past couple months diagraming the storyline and crafting the message of the film from micro to macro as well as planning further fundraising. In two weeks I will take a 10 stop trip across the US and Europe to interview experts in the fields of pesticide regulation, large scale agriculture, and indigenous knowledge. 

Machu Pichu yesterday

This past month I have taken some time to reconnect with nature and get some perspective on this rewarding and challenging project. Yesterday at 6 am I was the first to summit Machu Picchu and capture the image above. It was a profound experience and a reminder of my love and commitment to our Mother Earth. There’s no turning back now, I know where I come from. I am not separate from her. She feels every action I take and in my remaining years I endeavor to more fully feel her and share her stories. Thanks to all of you who feel her and let her move through you in your own unique ways. Together we will experience the highest strength and clarity that only comes from caring for what we love and what loves us. "

To find out more about Island Earth and Cyrus Sutton: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cyrussutton/island-earth-documentar...