Introducing the Cuddly Carrot

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WWOOF UK host Helen Kemp and her daughter Laura have created a food blog known as Cuddly Carrot which exists as a place where people can share vegetarian recipes. The blogs are all based around vegetarian cooking which include wheat free, refined sugar free, dairy free and vegan recipes. The central theme is healthy seasonal cooking, drawing mostly from what is currently available in their garden.
Helen and Laura
Helen and Laura [photo thanks to Cuddly Carrot]

This blog originated because Laura has a wheat and sugar intolerance and rather than letting this become a problem, the pair decided to embark on a foodie adventure to create, adapt and share their results.

Growing vegetables on her organic garden in the Scottish Borders, Helen meets-up with daughter Laura ,who lives in the city of Edinburgh, on occasions to conjure up wonderful new gastronomical treats.

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