Lovely feedback from the AGM weekend

 Here is what a host had to say of the weekend... well said Ruth!

Dear wwoofers and Laurieston people

Pottering in my orchard after arriving home from the AGM I feel a renewed sense of privilege - first in having an orchard at all, but also an even greater privilege to have had the opportunity to meet with others who feel the same way. We were Wwoof hosts 30 years ago, and rejoining this year has opened a door that will not be shut again in a hurry. It was great to see that the basic principle behind Wwoof -  that you can have fun together while being both productive and caring - is still thriving after all these years, but that Wwoof has not stood still, and is enthusiastically keeping up with our changing world.Thank you for such an inspirational time, and for all the work from the Wwoof team and Board and the Laurieston residents that made it so. The secret of how to live -- how REALLY to live -- is out, and Wwoof is one of the places to find it!with love fromRuth