Nearly Wild Camping....

Nearly Wild Camping is a new membership organisation that was created by Irene and Steve Evison and their family who are host members of WWOOF UK.

Here is how the fledgling project describes itself:
"We have started a new membership organisation which we feel compliments WWOOFing and the whole WWOOF ethos, providing another way for people to experience nature. In England and Wales it is hard for people to find a place they can camp alone, with friends or family where they are welcomed. So many of us who provide WWOOF opportunities could also provide a place for people to camp and experience nature. This gives both a small income to the host and another experience for campers (many of whom are keen in similar things but do not wish to commit to volunteering. We are keen to expand our range of locations and would welcome support / interest from WWOOF hosts (and interested campers as well)."

You can visit the Nearly Wild Camping website for further information here:

There is a Facebook page where you can find out more too: