ORC 2014 Organic Producers' Conference

In late January the Organic Research Centre will be hosting it's annual Organic Producers Conference at Aston Business School in Birmingham, please look below or click on this link for more details -  http://www.organicresearchcentre.com/?i=events.php&event_id=240


ORC 2014 Organic Producers' Conference

22 January 2014
to 23 January 2014

Aston Business School, Aston University, Birmingham B4 7ET

Intensive Sustainability or Sustainable Intensification - which way forward for organic farming?

With the recent launches of Defra’s CAP consultation and Sustainable Intensification Research Platform, as well as the government’s Agri-Tech Strategy, is there any place left for organic farming and similar agro-ecological approaches to sustainable food production?

Are the concept of sustainable intensification and the new strategies broad enough to not only focus on techno-fixes or can we find better ecological and knowledge-based solutions to meeting sustainability challenges?

Is producing ever more food really the priority, or are the climate change, environmental pollution, soil and water degradation and biodiversity loss problems now too great? Should our real focus be on intensifying the sustainability of our food systems, rather than intensifying production with questionable sustainability benefits?

We’ve restructured our traditional conference format to enable participants to debate these questions and help find real, innovative solutions.

ORC’s annual Organic Producers’ Conference is the event where organic and other producers interested in ecological approaches to sustainable food production come together with researchers and advisers to share ideas on making agriculture perform better, for their businesses and society. Come and join like-minded people in a process of challenge and discovery!