People's March for Climate, Justice and Jobs


For those interested in issues such as food sovereignty and tackling injustice on a world wide scale, this event may be of interest to you. The People's March for Climate, Justice and Jobs takes place in London on 29th November 2015 - yes, this Sunday!

Food-eaters, food-growers, food-activists!

Raise your voice and pound your feed to let big agri-busiess know that small-scale, agro-ecological food growing is the solution to rising climate! To all those wishing to attend the Climate March this Sunday the 29th, as food growers and people engaged with food politics and food sovereignty we plan to March together. Please join us if you like--look for a big 'Reclaim our Food System banner'. We will have CFGN and LWA and Food Sov banners!

We will be meeting at the corner of Culross Street and Park Lane from 12pm, we will probably join up food waste warriors and the rest of the food and agri-people closer to Curzon Street and Park Lane. the March will be setting off from Park Lane around 1pm.

For more information on the March please visit