PhD student questionaire for hosts

Dear all,

Katie Hartless, who is doing a PhD at Coventry University, would like 10 minutes of your time to help with her studies.


Are you confident that your farm is resilient to climate change or anything the weather throws at you?

Coming from a family farming background in Herefordshire, I have a keen interest that you and the UK farming community will be able to continue farming throughout a changing climate and any reductions in availability of fossil fuels.
This survey is to help me to begin to understand your situation and is the first step in my PhD studies at Coventry University.
You can be sent the results, which show the challenges you and other farmers face. The results will also help inform government policy.
If you are short of time, just tick the boxes, it should take you approximately 10 minutes to complete. If you have more time, please respond more fully.

Best wishes,