Rough guide to smooth WWOOFing

Another wonderful blog from 'Hawkeandherring' - these guys are WWOOFing in the UK and here they share their top tips on how to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. It serves as a guide to best WWOOFing etiquette and gastromic pragmatism rolled into one!!


"Pack less, you can definitely chance most of the things you need along the road. Hosts will have bits and pieces of gear, clothing, chargers and tools hanging round from people who've stayed in the past. If not they will probably know someone locally who does. Failing this, most charity shops are like an Aladdin's cave...

It is a lot of fun trading things with people, rather than buying and discarding. When you finish a book, find someone who will give you another book in return, or donate it to the bookshelf at a pub and pinch one of theirs! If you're going into a wet winter and someone else you meet is heading for the south of Greece to kick it on a beach, trade his welly boots for your board-shorts that way you both win. Less waste, more money for beers."

"I once walked into a host's kitchen and found ivy growing in through the ceiling. Next to the pantry were four pairs of well used gumboots covered in smelly cow muck. A small bird flew out of the living room whilst I was cooking breakfast. I could only smile and laugh. We've all become far too sterile and cotton wooled, and in the end whatever doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, right?

Since then I've sourced excess seafood from the sea floor whilst working on a razor clam boat, foraged kilograms of wild mushrooms, made raspberry desserts from wild fields, and experienced some of the finer wild foods available."

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