WWOOF UK Goes Live!

As this news is being composed, intrepid first-time WWOOFer Harriet Owens [Hatti] wends her way to the Scottish Isle of Eigg to begin a fortnight of WWOOFing on a croft. Hatti is on a special mission. Apart from the important role that being a WWOOFer entails, with regards to supporting organic growers, Hatti will be blogging via the WWOOF UK social media platforms.

Hatti has her own Wordpress blog page called isthisfood which promotes healthy, seasonal and sustainable eating and has been nominated for a Soil Association Boom Award 2016 [follow link for further information]http://www.soilassociation.org/awards/boomawards

Here is a taster from the isthisfood prelude to this new adventure for Hatti:

"The Isle of Eigg (pronounced ‘Egg’) is the stuff of dreams. An 8km x 5km island located 10km off the west coast of Scotland, Eigg has the first electricity grid powered entirely by renewable energy. Amazing. Following a community buy-out, the 100 or so people who live on Eigg own it – meaning they are in control of the future of their island. The coastal waters surrounding the island are visited by dolphins, Minke whales and seals. Otters and various raptors (including golden eagles and, my favourite, the kestrel) have made Eigg their home. There are dramatic views out to the neighbouring Small Isles and the Atlantic Ocean. Eigg has an abundance of plantlife and there is some solid orchid-spotting to be done if your visit’s well-timed. There are caves to explore, coves to discover and an Sgurr an imposing pitchstone ridge to climb. And, of course, there’s the big sky."

Soon Hatti will be arriving on the Isle of Eigg and once she has unpacked and settled-in we can look forward to blogs and Tweets fresh from the croft. You can also follow Hatti's journey on Instagram as well as the WWOOF UK Facebook page which will keep you up-to-date.

We can't wait!