The WWOOFing And Knowledge Survey.

The purpose of this survey is to evaluate the role of WWOOFing in the transmission of new and alternative agricultural knowledge.

Eloïse Fresnay is currently studying for a Masters Degree in agronomy and rural development at the Grande Ecole AgroParisTech, France. As part of an internship at the Countryside and Community Research Institute in Gloucestershire Eloise chose to join WWOOF UK and go WWOOFing at weekends and whenever she has the time, so enhancing her studies.

Eloïse is on a student placement and this survey is part of an evaluation on WWOOFing - in particular the role it plays within the context of collective learning and social interaction; to what extent does WWOOFing provide knowledge on alternative farming? (such as organic, agro-ecology & Permaculture etc.)

The survey can be completed by hosts and WWOOFers alike and Eloïse would be most grateful if the link to this survey was shared far and wide - with everyone who has ever WWOOFed or taken part in WWOOF hosting. You can take part even if you have only ever WWOOFed the one time and experiences can be from anywhere in the world. The responses will be anonymous.

Here is the link to the survey:

The results from this survey will be used as the basis for a report in which Eloïse's placement will be validated.

Here is a link to Eloïse's wonderful blog in which her WWOOFing experiences are well reviewed along with some great photos:

We trust that Eloïse receives plenty of completed surveys for her research and from all of us at WWOOF UK, we would like to send our very best wishes for the successful completion of her studies.