WWOOF Norway close to launch


With 72 hosts in Norway, it has been in a position to start a viable national WWOOF organisation for some time. Finally it's happening! On 1 January, WWOOF Norway will officially launch.


What will this mean for WWOOFers who have access to the Norwegian host list through WWOOF Independents (WWIND) or through one of the national WWOOF organisations that offer access to the WWIND list?


From 1 January 2013, Norway will no longer be on the list of countries available to new members. However, those who already have access to the Norwegian host list through WWIND will continue to have access to it until their membership expires. So if you joined in July 2012 you can access Norwegian hosts until July 2013.


We'd like to wish the Norwegian hosts and the new coordinator of WWOOF Norway - Mette Pauline Strand - all the very best for the future.