Somerset Growers- The Community Farm would like to work with you.


We are interested in offering a route to market for Somerset growers. It has become very apparent recently that the majority of organic veg being wholesaled in Bristol is being sourced from very big veg operations situated in Cornwall, Lincolnshire and Norfolk, the main driver in this market place is low pricing not local sourcing, this has resulted in smaller local producers being priced out of the market. We are keen to champion Somerset organic veg into Bath and Bristol where we have a big customer base already; there is a large demand especially from Chefs for local organic produce.

Our trade is currently split three ways between 400 veg boxes a week, supplying an Organic Supermarket, and then supplying a range of other wholesale customers – pubs, restaurants, schools etc. . . .

Our Growing operation currently grows veg on 23 acres, in a good yearwe meet 20% of our demand for English veg from our land and have to buy in the rest. We are keen to try and source as much of this extra supply as possible from Somerset. We are very aware that growing operations come in all shapes and sizes but are keen to try and work with all sizes.

Larger growers – Would you be interested in growing a crop line for us, we also have options for taking grade out, if it’s edible but ugly we have a box type that specializes in this.

Smaller growers and CSA’s – We are keen to provide an outlet for your gluts, also the option to grow bulk cash crops knowing that there is a buyer waiting, we hope this would enable you to grow crops specifically to enable you to invest in your business.

ORGANIC? - We recognise Organic Certification can be too expensive for some smaller operations, this is not necessary a stumbling block for us, we are keen to work with non-certified Organic growers as well.

We are planning to invite any interested parties to a lunch in early January, but are keen to talk to growers ASAP, if you would like any further information or to discuss options (I know many will be crop planning now for next year) please ring or e-mail me.

Andy Dibben

Farm Manager

The Community Farm

07866 721782