WWOOF Sweden Video contest

Inspired by a similar contest last year by WWOOF Canada (and with a really lovely example video) WWOOF Sweden want to invite those who have been WWOOFing in Sweden to show off their talents, and maybe win a prize!  Some details below or here is a link to the website - http://www.wwoof.se/about/video-contest/.


You are invited to create a video on the theme of WWOOFing in Sweden. The film will be used to inspire and show what Sweden's organic farmers do for a sustainable future. How the right will, heart and a little mother wit can take benefit the experience of life in the countryside, a life in harmony with nature. The video can contain anything that your mind associates with inthe framework - have fun and be creative!

Basic contest rules are:

1. The video should be no longer than 3 minutes.

2. The competition is aimed to new and old members of WWOOFSweden.

3. All videos must meet our conditions (see further down thepage) in order to win.

4. Closing date is 31 december 2013 videos received after thisdate are not included in the assessment.

5. The video must contain the WWOOF Sweden logo either at the beginning or the end of the movie. Or both!

6. The video must include "WWOOF" in the video title.

The video will mention any music used by naming the artist(s) and the name of the song at the end of the video. Music can be used within the guidelines of You Tube’s Terms and conditions. That means copying of copyrighted material done for a limited purpose as commentary, criticism or parody. "Fair" use does not require permission from the copyright holder.