Organic Growers Alliance event - Pathways to better crops

Ways forward for those who depend on plants for their livelihood


The Organic Growers Alliance (OGA) supported by the University of Sheffield and the Environmental Sustainability Knowledge Transfer Network are organising a network building, knowledge-sharing meeting in Sheffield on Wednesday March 6th 2013. This meeting will be one of the first of its kind bringing together practising organic growers and members of the research community.

Alan Schofield chair of the OGA said “Over the years many organic growers have been somewhat sceptical of the way conventional research has been undertaken - often commissioned by very large companies to find a technological solution to large growers needs and ignoring the role that smaller growers marketing locally will play in the future. Now there is great opportunity for mutual benefit as agro-ecological and low-impact solutions are gaining credence and importance. We still need to diffuse the “us and them” feeling that has led to so much argument in the past, and this meeting will be a perfect opportunity for all growers and researchers to come together and identify ways forward that are of benefit to all. It is rare to have practising growers and researchers in one room, so this will be a very interesting and profitable event.”

Dr Wendy Seel, commercial organic grower, plant scientist and Research Leader of the OGA said “We have organised this meeting to begin a new dialogue between organic growers and mainstream researchers, and it will hopefully be the start of long-lasting partnerships.”


The event is free to OGA members, but all growers are welcome. A limited number of grower bursaries are available.

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