Freegle Grow-your-own

I am very happy here to pass on something from Chris Cant (WWOOF UK's independent IT contractor)

- If you have anything you are not using, why not give it away on your local Freegle - there's 380 groups across the whole of the UK with well over a million members - see  In particular, if you have spare seeds or plants, why not give them to others near you - a helping hand to get started growing.  And, in due course, if you have spare produce, eg rhubarb, courgettes or apples, I'm sure others would love to have them.

The Penrith and Eden District Freegle group in Cumbria is running a Grow-Your-Own project and had a great "give and take" day recently, for handing on gardening stuff and giving advice.
A popular stall for kids and adults was making up a kit to grow salad leaves from cheap dried marrowfat peas.
If you are interested having in asparagus Kale seeds, a heritage variety, then you can get these by sending an SAE or making a donation here:

Freegle groups across the country help people hand on around 800 tonnes of spare items every month.  This clears clutter, helps each other out and saves the costs of landfill or recycling.  There's only one rule - everything must be free