why WWOOF?

"I'm right now WWOOFing and it is the best experience in my life" Jaro from Spain, WWOOFing in the UK

"As a result [of doing some local WWOOFing] I sought out stuff on my own doorstep and I kicked myself at my ignorance! I have joined several groups and my network has mushroomed!" Ruth, Yorkshire

"WWOOF is an astonishing key to unique experiences."  The Guardian

  • reconnect to the soil, get your hands dirty and get grounded
  • reskill and help revitalise ancient knowledge
  • gain first-hand experience of organic and biodynamic farming, growing, harvesting, preserving and animal husbandry
  • meet - and find inspiration in - likeminded people; both the hosts you visit and other WWOOFers you meet there
  • rediscover the relationships between local food production, social community and spirit
  • taste totally fresh produce
  • experience new places and acquire a wealth of experience for a very small financial outlay
  • get lots of interesting stories to tell!
  • walk the talk - try it out for yourself